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It has been such a privilege and joy to serve in the role of Doctoral Member-at-Large for UGASPA this past year.  It is with even further pride that I am honored to be featured in the Doctoral Student Spotlight.  As a second year doctoral student in the College Student Affairs Administration (CSAA) program here at UGA, it was so beneficial and helpful for me to stay connected with master’s students through UGASPA.  The energy, passion, and excitement that master’s students have for the profession is just amazing to watch, listen to, and grow from.  I truly was blessed to be on two executive boards with so many wonderful and dedicated individuals who empower and work to strengthen the organization.  I am excited to see what UGASPA has in store for us all this year and urge everyone to get involved!

Outside of my involvement in UGASPA, I have thoroughly enjoyed my various experiences in the CSAA doctoral program that have helped me become a better researcher, scholar, and practitioner.  I have learned and am still learning how to be a researcher.  I have been challenged, supported, and rewarded through my research team and from my publishable paper on the influence of alternative break programs on college student’s moral reasoning.  I am thrilled that I have successfully defended my publishable paper just this month!  I also have learned how to become a more critical scholar and consumer of research.  In classes and seminars, I have learned from and with faculty and students about the issues facing college students and our profession today and how to address those issues through thoughtful, purposeful, and intentional dialogue and research.  Lastly, I have learned more skills as a practitioner through my assistantship and internship experiences.  This summer, I was afforded the opportunity to intern at Emory University in the Office of LGBT Life.  I gained new skills in assessment, development, and policy.  I cannot believe that in just a year I have already done so much.  I am looking forward to what my doctoral journey has in store for me ahead!

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